Achieve your goals with Pyndar.

Create an environmentally conscious workplace.

The partnerships that we develop with our clients enable us to provide strategic support to help you reach your carbon reduction targets, through:

  • Waste management
  • Using sustainable cleaning products
  • Ensuring compliance to latest environmental legislation
  • Monitoring seasonal office usage and making relevant adjustments

Through collaboration, we can identify the right approach for each specific requirement.

Innovate & evolve.

Embracing new working practices.

Whether you are looking to support hybrid or flexible working, or are seeking to make changes to support how your workplace is being used in a post-pandemic world, we are here to help you embrace new working practices and help take your business forward.

Workplace environments contribute so much more than a place to sit while you work. Amongst other benefits, they determine staff wellbeing, realise your brand values and evidence your commitment to client service.

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We are committed to working with our clients to help them maximise their spaces to support their people, the business, and the environment.

Productivity & performance.

As the emphasis on interiors is developed through social platforms like Instagram, so peoples’ expectations of their workplace evolve. They are looking for environments which not only function effectively, but ones which always look their best. Taking these steps will keep teams motivated and productive as well as helping your business to attract and retain talent.


Your place of work represents your business and is the physical manifestation of your business’s brand. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene can be key indicators to prospects and clients of your broader attention to detail, and a beautifully presented environment also serves as a potential opportunity to differentiate from competitors, helping your business to grow.

Focus on what you do best.


To create a workplace where your staff can flourish and your customers feel at their most comfortable, you will need a facilities management company with the operational skills and management expertise to bring that vision into reality.

At Pyndar, we are committed to creating long-lasting, satisfying partnerships with our clients, through delivering exceptional facilities management that supports your own focus and purpose. We will take the time to understand your culture and way of working. This does not just mean meeting your day-to-day needs, it means supporting you in your wider goals and ambitions, from flexible working to sustainability.

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