February 2, 2024

How Pyndar supports recruitment

High-performing candidates won’t settle for less than high-performing workspaces.

While it is true to say that first impressions should matter to all workplaces, for people-centric organisations such as executive search agencies, you are not just putting your own workplace up for judgement from visitors, but you are also representing and reflecting your clients’ too.

Research reported in Forbes and the Harvard Business Review indicates that perceptions of a workspace matter more than people realise, and so, when it comes to recruitment consultancies, making sure that immediate connection is absolutely right is really worth the investment.

Choices, choices

If you’re at the top of your game and a candidate that’s likely to be in demand, where you work is going to be a choice that you can make. Who places you in that role is also going to be a choice.

A healthy and clean environment is a basic request from all employees, but going beyond this is what’s really going to attract the attention of the high calibre candidates. Making sure that the choices you’re making about your office aren’t going to be part of their decision-making process should be a contributory step to success.

Research consistently concludes that first impressions are formed fast, and are subsequently very hard to alter. Those who work in people-facing roles often spend time considering about how they should approach meetings to showcase their skills, researching and planning carefully in advance of the meeting. It makes no sense to invest time and energy in that but then neglect the effect the venue could have on the meeting attendees.

As an executive search consultancy, you’ll be wanting your place of work to echo the businesses that you are recruiting for. Not only does this put the candidates at ease that you’ll be finding the right potential placements for them, but it also demonstrates to your clients that you understand that details matter to them and that will be shown through in the candidates you put forward to them.

Mastering the basics

Environment plays a significant role in attracting candidates and clients but, in addition, by having a workplace that is clean, safe and welcoming you are also having a direct impact on workplace productivity.

Research from the Harvard Business Review indicates that team members who are satisfied with their work environments are 16% more productive, 18% more likely to stay, and 30% more loyal to their company over competitors.

From clean carpets and tidy meeting rooms, you should expect your FM company to support you in delivering a high quality workplace. They should have a good understanding of your business and its aims and objectives, so they’re able to support you in showcasing your workplace in the best possible light. By ensuring offices are always looking their best, through a thorough and regular cleaning schedule, an FM partner should be playing their part to help make a workplace an inviting place to work and to visit.

Poorly maintained buildings will also impact how visitors perceive a business. Chipped furniture, scuffed paintwork or worn carpets can create a negative impression and lead to low staff morale., let alone the safety issues of office equipment. Well-trained maintenance staff know the signs of dangerous or faulty equipment and when they should proactively report issues, whether it falls within their core duties or not.

Ensuring compliance

Workplaces shouldn’t just look beautiful and smell clean. The business must also manage them so they are compliant with health and safety and other regulations. An FM partner who is well versed in the requirements should be able to provide expert knowledge as to the legal obligations, and help to ensure the business can remain compliant.

Well maintained spaces are also more efficient, and your FM partner should be able to suggest solutions that are appropriate for each individual workplace and how to maximise efficiency savings.

Read more about how an FM partner can help keep workplaces legal in our previous blog about compliance.

Selecting the right partner

As well as aligning with the expectations of staff and visitors, businesses need to collaborate with partners that share the same values. Different businesses have unique needs.

All would say that they want visitors and employees to view a workspace positively, but the standards each business holds themselves to can vary, so if your business is entrusting the care of its public face to a partner, make sure that partner’s understanding matches yours.

The Pyndar level of quality

At Pyndar, we provide facilities management services to businesses across Central London that value exceptional standards of customer service. We have experience delivering a range of cleaning and FM services to businesses that operate in the executive search and recruitment sector.

Whether we’re providing office cleaning or interior maintenance, our expert management team will have discussed and understood your unique requirements. We’ll have carefully constructed a schedule of work that ensures our service is delivered invisibly, with cheerful and well-presented staff working to ensure that visitors see for themselves the character of an organisation, reflected in its physical space, on every occasion.

To find out more about how we can help support London based executive search businesses, please visit www.pyndar.uk or contact us at transform@pyndar.uk.

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