December 3, 2021

The broader contribution of facilities management.

Your workplace creates a ‘face to face’ with your brand – a key piece in the puzzle of how you can create the connection you are looking to build with your visitors and clients.

Similarly, office environments contribute so much more to a workforce than a place to sit while you work. Amongst other benefits, they enable you to put sustainable goals into practice, contribute to employee wellbeing, realise your brand values and evidence your commitment to client service.

Outsourcing your facilities management operations to a third-party company should enable you to access these benefits and more.

Reaping the benefits of facilities management

There is a wide range of FM companies, all appearing to offer a similar service. But identifying a company that will share your vision and your goals, as well as deliver on those, can be a difficult one.

Sometimes making the assumption that services offered by all suppliers will be consistent, businesses decide to focus their decision-making on the financial impact of outsourcing facilities management.

Whilst, of course, price plays an important part in deciding which company to work with, there are other considerations that will ensure a good working relationship with the right partner from the outset.

We have highlighted a couple of the key factors to evaluate when appointing a facilities management company, which begins with an understanding of your organisational needs.

More than cleaning

As an employer or building owner, you are required to take responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of your employees and very often this will involve meeting legal and regulatory compliance.

Whether you are looking for a company to ensure that the fabric of the building remains intact and in good condition through a planned maintenance schedule, or you have a requirement to make sure that any unexpected maintenance issues are resolved quickly and with minimal disruption, your FM company should be able to offer you solutions that fit your needs. They should also provide guidance as to what compliance regulations need to be followed, and how they can help ensure these are adhered to.

In addition to keeping the environment safe, by keeping your workplace operating smoothly and looking pristine at all times, an FM company that shares your organisational vision also plays a role in keeping your people motivated and productive.

You may decide to choose an outsourced provider that can deliver the services you require to make your building a more pleasant place to work in. Often called soft facilities management, this relates to the non-technical services that enhance the day-to-day lives of employees and those that help to keep your premises welcoming yet secure.

Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene can all be key indicators to prospects and clients of your broader attention to detail. A beautifully maintained and presented environment also serves as a potential opportunity to differentiate from competitors; after all, your workplace is the beating heart of your business – a hub for collaboration and a showcase for your clients.

Supporting wider business objectives

Creating the right workplace environment, where staff can flourish and which promotes employee engagement, can drive a business forward to achieve its aims and objectives.

Sustainability is a core focus for businesses right now, and many organisations will be looking at ways to incorporate carbon reduction and environmental targets into their business plans.

Decisions made under the banner of facilities management can have a tremendous impact on the environment. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, buildings currently account for 40% of carbon emissions, and facilities managers can play a significant role in reducing energy use and driving the adoption of more sustainable working practices.

This could be as simple as using environmentally friendly cleaning products, right through to offering strategic consultancy to bring about the adoption of new technology such as solar power and heat pumps.

A good FM company should be able to outline their own sustainability credentials while at the same time identifying how they will implement these within their service provision, helping your business to achieve your environmental goals and targets.

 Effective facilities management can have far reaching benefits. By choosing to work with an FM provider that works in partnership with your business, you can ensure that the service you receive goes beyond cleaning to one that creates an outstanding place to work, a place that inspires and enables people to pursue their purpose.

At Pyndar, our ambition is to make buildings and facilities better places for the people within them. We prioritise your workplace so you can prioritise your own business, work and clients.

To find out more about how we can help you make best use of your investment in facilities management, get in touch at

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